Yorokeikoku Onsenkyo Hot Spa

In 1914, hot spring with radium in it was ejected from 65m deep well here. But it was after the World War II when the hot springs were brought out into limelight. 

As Kominato Railroad Co., Ltd. put a lot of effort into its development, Ryokan inns started doing business around 1950. Then the area was called Yorokeikoku Onsenkyo hot spa and many tourists began visiting here.

Efficacy of Yorokeikoku Onsen Hot Spring

Onsen hot springs here have a reputation for improving followings: (Efficacy depends on the resource of the spring.):

Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiffness of joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, poor blood circulation, illness recovery period, fatigue recovery, health promotion, cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, sickly children, and chronic women's diseases

Telephone Numbers and web-sites.                                          

Accommodations with Spa at Yorokeikoku-onsenkyo                                  

Sagawa                   0470-85-0321  www.oyado-sagawa.com

Tenryuso     0470-85-0311  www.tenryuso.com

Kawanoya               0470-85-0021  www.kawanoya.net

Fukusui                   0407-85-0016  www.fukusui.com

Mochinoki                0470-  80-1110   www.mochinoki.jp

Takimien                 0470-85-0101  www.takimi.co.jp

Goriyakunoyu        0470-85-0056  www.goriyakunoyu.jp

Kiyomoto            0436- 96-0345  www.ki-yo-moto.com

Points of Interest

Here are some points of interest for Otaki visitors. Go around the points while enjoying the atmosphere of the town, and you will be an expert of Otaki in a short time.


Nearby points of interest 

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